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Title: Farwell
Post by: Locutus on June 10, 2019, 08:03:47 PM
While it's been a fun time playing the game with all of you guys I am unable to keep playing this game with my schedule and my demands in other parts of my life.

I have had the fun of playing my original Locutus account from 2014 or so to rank 7, dethroning VerminKiller and multiple wars with Heroes.

I got this account with pretty much no fleet at rank 80 and got it down to where it is now.

I sadly just can't afford the time and money with the little to no time I have to play this game.

To anyone that grabs my userscripts, I will keep hosting them as long as I am able on my site. It is my contribution to the BFG community.

These scripts are located @

Special thanks to Elric for all the fun 4AM triple titan attacks back in the day.  They were lots of fun.

With this, I shall retire all my fleets.