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Nova Universe / Farwell
« on: June 10, 2019, 08:03:47 PM »
While it's been a fun time playing the game with all of you guys I am unable to keep playing this game with my schedule and my demands in other parts of my life.

I have had the fun of playing my original Locutus account from 2014 or so to rank 7, dethroning VerminKiller and multiple wars with Heroes.

I got this account with pretty much no fleet at rank 80 and got it down to where it is now.

I sadly just can't afford the time and money with the little to no time I have to play this game.

To anyone that grabs my userscripts, I will keep hosting them as long as I am able on my site. It is my contribution to the BFG community.

These scripts are located @

Special thanks to Elric for all the fun 4AM triple titan attacks back in the day.  They were lots of fun.

With this, I shall retire all my fleets.

Stardrift Empires Discussion / Updating Scripts
« on: February 13, 2019, 07:56:20 PM »
Looking for feedback of changes to an existing script.

- Parse Esp Reports

Currently it has the following
• Res Totals (shortened value  xxxxt)
• Ships
• Defenses
• Dios required to harvest

All values are in the form of xxxxxxxxxxxx

Changed I'm using for the moment (testing)

Currently mine has the following:
• Res Totals (full value)
• Dios

All values are in the form of xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx.

Looking for feedback if anyone uses the shps/def on the mod (I found them pretty useless since the dios would indicate if I could get any ships and about how much).

Thanks for your time...

All values are in full format

Stardrift Empires Discussion / SDE Formatter - News & Changelog
« on: December 17, 2018, 09:32:48 PM »
Function:  Changes the page to work with resolutions above 1600px wide resolutions.

Additional Fixes
- Res totals now go into higher numbers before breaking
- Fleets page: Ships now have a 200px width so ship counts don't get cut off as soon.

Incompatible Userscripts
- AddResTotal does not play nice with hardly any plugins.

Download Link:
Last Updated:  2018/12/17

In the works:
- Complete overhaul
- Code optimization
- Res bar moved and widened to accumulate for septillion res figures.

I will be looking for high end players in the near future that would like to make sure end game figures (ships/res sizes) are in line which what end game people experience.  If you are at all interested please contact me from my site Contact Me page.  I will be looking for feedback and opinions of placements of items within my control.

Tester Link: Not Yet Available

Stardrift Empires Discussion / Open Parser 1.0.17 Patched
« on: December 13, 2018, 12:50:29 AM »
Posted a fixed version for anyone that has the issue of update it from in game.

Can be downloaded at

1. Goto SDE/SFC scripts section (either one works)
2. Click the Script button on the left.

Other than fixing their script, nothing else has changed.

Stardrift Empires Discussion / LOL?
« on: September 28, 2018, 08:32:25 PM »
I guess this is someone's well thought out revenge attack on my planet.  Look at all that DSP...

To: Hellminnow
Date: 2018-09-28 01:46:14 UTC
In the attack from Hephaestus ‎‎[3:78:15] on YYZ ‎‎[3:78:7m]:

The attacking side acquired 499,965,000 hydrogen.

Kaylynmycius (ATTACKER) lost 5,300 RSP and gained 7,898 DSP. (less)
  * Contributed 26,500,000,000 RSP to the battle.
  * Lost 3,500,000 ore, 1,600,000 crystal, and 200,000 hydrogen in damages.
  * Acquired 0 ore, 0 crystal, and 499,965,000 hydrogen in plunder.

  * Lost 2 of 10000000 Thanatos Class Destroyers (9999998 remain).

The Curmudgeon (ATTACKER) lost 0 RSP and gained 0 DSP. (less)
  * Contributed 1 RSP to the battle.
  * Lost 0 ore, 0 crystal, and 0 hydrogen in damages.
  * Acquired 0 ore, 0 crystal, and 0 hydrogen in plunder.

  * Lost 0 of 1 Hermes Probes (1 remain).

Hellminnow (DEFENDER) lost 12,020 RSP and gained 3,773 DSP. (less)
  * Contributed 12,020 RSP to the battle.
  * Lost 7,010,000 ore, 4,010,000 crystal, and 1,000,000 hydrogen in damages.

  * Lost    1 of    1 Zeus              (0 remain).
  * Lost 1000 of 1000 Missile Batteries (0 remain).
  * Lost    1 of    1 Decoys            (0 remain).

2,550,000 ore and 2,717,100 crystal are now floating at this location.

See more...
      Battle Report for Remington [3:78:7]   about 19 hours ago
To: Hellminnow
Date: 2018-09-28 01:45:58 UTC
In the attack from Hephaestus ‎‎[3:78:15] on Remington ‎‎[3:78:7]:

The attacking side acquired 1,100,000 ore, 700,000 crystal, and 191,829,983 hydrogen.

Kaylynmycius (ATTACKER) lost 0 RSP and gained 2,018 DSP. (less)
  * Contributed 26,500,000,000 RSP to the battle.
  * Lost 0 ore, 0 crystal, and 0 hydrogen in damages.
  * Acquired 1,100,000 ore, 700,000 crystal, and 191,829,983 hydrogen in plunder.

  * Lost 0 of 10000000 Thanatos Class Destroyers (10000000 remain).

The Curmudgeon (ATTACKER) lost 1 RSP and gained 0 DSP. (less)
  * Contributed 1 RSP to the battle.
  * Lost 0 ore, 1,000 crystal, and 0 hydrogen in damages.
  * Acquired 0 ore, 0 crystal, and 0 hydrogen in plunder.

  * Lost 1 of 1 Hermes Probes (0 remain).

Hellminnow (DEFENDER) lost 581,668,978 RSP and gained 0 DSP. (less)
  * Contributed 581,668,978 RSP to the battle.
  * Lost 147,650,831,500 ore, 433,447,842,500 crystal, and 672,083,000 hydrogen in damages.

  * Lost        1 of        1 Genesis Solar Satellites (0 remain).
  * Lost      120 of      120 Hermes Probes            (0 remain).
  * Lost     1218 of     1218 Helios Solar Satellites  (0 remain).
  * Lost   137000 of   137000 Missile Batteries        (0 remain).
  * Lost    22045 of    22045 Laser Cannons            (0 remain).
  * Lost   202340 of   202340 Space Mines              (0 remain).
  * Lost 72050533 of 72050533 Particle Cannons         (0 remain).
  * Lost   500113 of   500113 Pulse Cannons            (0 remain).
  * Lost        1 of        1 Decoys                   (0 remain).
  * Lost     2002 of     2002 Gauss Cannons            (0 remain).
  * Lost        1 of        1 Large Decoys             (0 remain).
  * Lost     2015 of     2015 Plasma Cannons           (0 remain).

0 ore and 1,037,100 crystal are now floating at this location.

See more...

Stardrift Empires Discussion / Site Updated
« on: November 09, 2017, 10:07:08 PM »
I host a lot of userscripts since eljercode's site went down.  I have revamped the site and is available at and I hope you guys like the new design.

***** Update *****
5/29/2018 - I have added battlereportreformatter (submitted to me by another player) and updated removetrailingspace scripts on my site.

***** Update *****
4/1/2018 - I have fixed most of the scripts that are on my site to work with SDEN.  The SDEFormatter will have to manually tell your browser to load insecure content due to the fact my .css file is not hosted on a https (secure site).  Due to the cost to get a SSL cert  it will likely not be updated soon as I don't have the money to afford it currently.

By reviewing the scripts from openparser and battlementat it looks like they are ready to work with the changes already.

SDE Formatter
This mod sets the site to a widescreen format.  The screen resolution requires 1600 minimum width in order to view the site correctly.  Best viewed in 1080 resolution.

Mod Updated:  2018-06-22

Change Log:
News - 2018-07-15
• Fixed links to old version of userscript (SDE Userscripts Page)
• Added new version to old script to force update then to force update to new script on next update check.
• If you aren't on version 2018.06.22.4 you can manually download from site to get on the current version.

2018-06-22 Revision 4
• Updated mod now handles xxx quad of each resource value.  I am unsure if any quince values fit or not.
• SDE Formatter is now fully integrated into the userscript.  There is no more reliance on a separate .css file.
• Fixed the insecure site issue
• Fixing the insecure site issues also fixed site load speed issues

• Changed the userscript includes to https
• Known Issue - Must click the notification to "Load Insecure Data" for the mod to work.
• Known Issue - Delay in site when using mod since https change

Nova Universe / Try to tell somone a joke and then this happens.
« on: December 20, 2015, 07:46:28 PM »
So this is how a funny joke turns into his ranting at me.....   He fails to admit that I may actually know something he doesn't.  Maybe he should read up on the wiki a bit.  So, if you're up for a few chuckles feel free to read on.  Again thanks VK for my daily dose of humor.  In advance sorry if I am posting anything against the message boards.

To: Varmintkiller
Date: 2015-12-20 07:40:49 UTC
I see you're shipping your whole life savings to your moon, glad you fit it in 1 herc lol

To: Undertaker
Date: 2015-12-20 14:35:24 UTC
I do nut understand? You are not in my RSP so unless you shadow probed me from someone else's account how would you have any idea what I moved where especially moons. You might want to check the leader board on that ship least I'm not building billions of probes like a few at the top have been doing to inflate their ship counts...those probes won't do much when it comes to live hits. Lol

To: Varmintkiller
Date: 2015-12-20 18:42:52 UTC
lol, how little you know about the game, and that's sad since you're #1, I will leave you to figure that out on your own. There is no script requirement for it lol.... either that or you just weren't paying attention. Maybe you should look at your transport logs again lol....

To: Varmintkiller
Date: 2015-12-20 19:09:01 UTC
I was honestly just as confused on why you were transporting 1 herc myself. It was intended to be a joke honestly though. I laugh at how much res you give burnitall regardless, I took 9T from him 2 nights ago. Only reason he is where he is is cause of you lol. On another note of probes they do have 1 use other than ship count, that's transporting res quickly, you'd be surprised when that can come in use. Not the most efficient on hydro to transfer, so most only use it for emergency. Personally I have < 1m probes at the moment myself.

The Razors Edge ‎‎‎[1:70:1]   07:39 AM on Dec 20, 2015 UTC

To: Undertaker
Date: 2015-12-20 16:20:28 UTC
It also begs to ask the question which script are you using that you can see 1 herc going to or from 1 moon as that is NOT oracle-able and not probe able in your RSP range so even if you could see and had used shadow probes it still either had to be from someone else's RSP account or you have a script that is really good at cheating so I think that I will simply turn this over to BFG and see what they say...hmmm?

To: Undertaker
Date: 2015-12-20 18:59:26 UTC
nice try but after consulting with 3 other players we all agree and will be sending BFG a complaint as you also do NOT have access to my transport logs and suddenly I feel someone dumping their scripts...cheating is the lowest form of pitiful. It says I can not compete therefor I must cheat. You can't see any ships in or out of a moon period let alone NOT in you RSP. Period and you can't figure out what I sent from a moon to a moon unless you use a probe or shadow probe again out of your range. And unless you hacked my logs/mail again cheating and oracle can't you are left with only one way to figure out what I do or did not do on any given day and that is illegal scripts or hacking and BFG needs to and will made a big mistake poking me and gloating...maybe you should stick to playing fair...and as number one at least I have played 100% fair and never cheated or used scripts but then again I'm not D12. So you see logic boxed you into your own admission of cheating...enjoy the Suspension and for scripts I'm going to ask that it be permanent.

To: Varmintkiller
Date: 2015-12-20 19:16:15 UTC
lol, don't go ranting to them for too long, I just posted my scan from last night lol. Like i said figure it out. Just cause you're "N" to me doesn't mean I can't see things. Lol, so cheating am I? Is that your way to insult me? Maybe, not say I know how to play the game and understand all the concepts of the game and maybe (oddly) I know something that you don't? Like I said before check your transport logs. You can tell bfg all you want that I'm cheating, and when they look though my logs they will see my claims are 100% valid.... Sad really?

To: Varmintkiller
Date: 2015-12-20 19:18:21 UTC
PS: oh how I miss your communications from ages ago, it feels good to "Poke the bear" every once in awhile. Have a good day. PS: my scripts I use are are and have been posted on the message boards, you're welcome to check them out including the one I made personally lol.

Nova Universe / Eljercode Replacement
« on: November 05, 2015, 08:28:35 AM »
So, I have a handful of mods that have been updated since quit being updated since who knows when that fixes bugs and glitches what not.  Would anyone be interested in me posting a site that has these updated userscripts to make them available to all?

If anyone is into building new scripts I could happily host them on my site as well.  I can also grab all the non updated scripts I use as well from eljer code and add them to my site.  Just give me a general id if it would be worth the time to do that or not.

Will also try to contact people who manage openparser & battlementat if the interest is there.

- Loc

Nova Universe / sdeFormatter Userscript - Version 1.0.0 - Updated 2015-11-6
« on: November 03, 2015, 08:58:59 PM »
This userscript now has a homepage along with other userscripts to soon be added. - Access to future updates to this script and others.

Userscript URL:  Version 1.0 Launched 2015-11-6

> Previous versions of novaFormatter 0.2 and newer can be updated via chrome by clicking "check for userscript updates" in tampermonkey.  Will be correctly updated to sdeFormatter 1.0.0. 

> Rearranges the SDE/SDEN layout into a format designed for high resolution monitors.
> If you have a previous version to 0.2 please remove exiting li and install by clicking the link.
> TamperMonkey users may now click check for userscript updates to update to current version
> Only works from
> Designed to use on 1600 pixel width resolutions or higher.

Mods that work with this userscript:
Open Parser
TimeLive w/ local time (Fixed upper right time glitch from original Mod)
EspiHelper (Private Mod)
Solar System Summary
StatScript All Unis

Mods that don't play nicely:
Addrestotal (never played nicely w/ other mods to begin with)

Screenshots: v0.1 - Fleets - Forum - Building - Shipyard

Screenshots: v0.2 - Galaxy - Messages - Items

Screenshots: v0.3 - MSG-Pop - Comp Badges - Pend Badges

Stardrift Empires Discussion / Post server outage glitches (Not just me)
« on: February 10, 2015, 03:47:32 PM »
I've confirmed w/ my friend that the same issue is happening on more than just my account.  I can now log in but my fleets are stuck in "Updating" that were out at the crash and will not progress beyond updating.

Screen caps from multiple spots (yes I already cleared my cached and getting this from multiple devices (mobile and my comoputer)

Thanks for your efforts to fix it, that is a bulk of my npc fleet stuck waiting to come back...

Stardrift Empires Discussion / Server Down
« on: February 10, 2015, 04:10:16 AM »
Figured I'd let you know around 10:00 PM CST (3:00 AM Game Time) that it has crashed...  I have fleets out and has been confirmed that it's not just me...  It's been down for at least 15 min at this time...  Bad time to have fleets out I guess...  this is only for documentation to BFG

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