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Stardrift Empires Discussion / SDE GAME POLE
« on: September 27, 2013, 02:05:32 PM »
If I have ruined the game for as many players as SNAFU thinks I do apologize. That was never my intent. I would like to hear from as many of you as possible so I can decide what I am going to do. I love this game to much to see it fade away. Would everyone please post Yes or No or Don't Care

Yes - for I have ruined the Game for you or
No - you are okay with me helping the players who decide to join my alliance.
Don't Care - Don't have an opinion

Stardrift Empires Discussion / TCBO1 RECRUITMENT
« on: August 28, 2013, 04:45:38 PM »
TCBO1 is accepting new members. If you want to hunt NPC please read below to decide if you want to be a member.

I believe the reason most players have problems finding NPC worth attacking is their planet placement. Most players have 9 planets spread out over 3 to 4 different galaxies some even have 9 planets spread out over 9 galaxies. There are 3 problems with this setup. First problem is if you have 1 planet in the galaxy there is only 1 chance that a NPC will spawn off of you. Second problem is the NPCs that spawn off of you, spawn outside of your search area. The third is that your planets are probably not around enough players that produce the size NPC you want to attack.

If you plan on hunting NPC your best planet setup is to spread out all 9 planets in 1 galaxy so that you can reach all the NPC that spawn in that galaxy.  Also you increase the chances that a NPC will spawn off of you.   The ideal setup would be to have a galaxy that had 25-50 players of similar rank spread out evenly that is populated with established players of similar rank.
I have spread out my 9 planets in G25 and have been this way for about 6 months. All NPC spawn within 26 systems of one of my planets. My problem is that there are very few players in G25 so the only NPC worth it to attack are the ones that spawn off of me.

What I want to do is increase the population in G25. This will take some time and commitment by those that choose to move. Any one that wants to establish a foothold in G25 as I have discussed above I will help you build your planets and fleet. All I ask is that you join my alliance. Contact me prior to moving so I can see if you qualify.

My goal is to get 50 or more daily players spread out evenly in G25 hunting and working together. This should produce more than enough NPC for everyone to hit.

Bug Reports / Problem Login
« on: May 28, 2013, 11:42:56 PM »
Is anyone else having problems logging in using the Facebook link on the SDE home page. When I select the link the below message appears in a new window titled Error - Google Crome. I have been getting this error for over an hour. I can only log on threw my Facebook Page at the moment.

Given URL is not allowed by the Application configuration.: One or more of the given URLs is not allowed by the App's settings. It must match the Website URL or Canvas URL, or the domain must be a subdomain of one of the App's domains.

Matt, are you allowed to tell us what was updated and changed for the Emergency Maintenance that occurred today, 20 February 2013 or is it Top Secret?   

Bug Reports / Serious Flaw in the Game
« on: February 17, 2013, 02:30:43 AM »
Matt or Jason I think you guys are aware of this serious flaw in the game. I have brought it to your attention before and nothing has been done to correct it.

An alliance member locked down a Titan today. The owner of the Titan lifted his fleet and the attacker lost out on 5 million DSP because the owner of the Titan was pissed off that they were being attacked. I for one am at a loss for words that this still has not been fixed and I believe most of the community will agree with me that this is a serious flaw in the game that needs to be fixed.

All that has to be done is when a Titan is attacked all ships that are in travel are automatically in the attack no matter were they are in their travel.

A player expects to be rewarded when they are skillful enough to lock down a Titan, they do not expect to be screwed.

SDE community please leave your comments even if you disagree with me. The more players that leave a comment the harder it is for BFG to ignore this serious flaw or I will see that you guys do not think of it as a flaw.

Bug Reports / Can't Login
« on: October 24, 2012, 12:45:29 PM »
I can't log in on the SDE web page. The only way I can get on is through facebook.

Feature Suggestions / Cloak
« on: October 03, 2012, 08:03:10 PM »
I think a Cloak to attack players while they are online would be a nice feature. You could create a technology that has to be leveled up. The cloak would work by hiding the attack until a certain point in the attack. For example a level 3 cloak will hide your attack until it is 30 mins away. A level 12 Cloak will hide your attack until it is 15 mins away.

Battle Reports / YNC(SS) Retired(SHEEP) vs. Bonnie(xXx)
« on: July 31, 2012, 11:34:51 PM »
YNC(SS) Retired led an attack on Bonnie ®
The following emerged from battle after 6 Round(s)

*****Attacker: YNC(SS) Retired*****
Artemis : 176195  (Lost: 44115 of 220310)
Apollo : 17277  (Lost: 2723 of 20000)
Athena : 6502  (Lost: 23 of 6525)
Hades : 8349  (Lost: 32 of 8381)
Prometheus : 3574  (Lost: 15 of 3589)
** Resources lost: 151,578,000 ore, 53,297,500 crystal, and 705,000 hydrogen.
** Destroyed Ship Points Gained: 1,071,753

*****Defender: Bonnie ®*****
Hermes : 0  (Lost: 1275 of 1275)
Artemis : 0  (Lost: 23234 of 23234)
Atlas : 0  (Lost: 6707 of 6707)
Apollo : 0  (Lost: 10151 of 10151)
Hercules : 0  (Lost: 1653 of 1653)
Dionysus : 0  (Lost: 5703 of 5703)
Poseidon : 0  (Lost: 3054 of 3054)
Gaia : 0  (Lost: 20 of 20)
Athena : 0  (Lost: 3359 of 3359)
Ares : 0  (Lost: 700 of 700)
Hades : 0  (Lost: 2271 of 2271)
Prometheus : 0  (Lost: 1000 of 1000)
Zeus : 0  (Lost: 2 of 2)
Titan : 0  (Lost: 1 of 1)
** Ship Resources lost: 616,535,000 ore, 365,939,500 crystal, and 89,279,000 hydrogen.
** Total Resources lost: 616,535,000 ore, 365,939,500 crystal, and 89,279,000 hydrogen.
** Destroyed Ship Points Gained: 205,580

After 6 rounds of combat: The attacking side acquired 1,800 crystal and 33,698,400 hydrogen.
Bonnie ® (DEFENDER) lost 1,066,678 RSP and gained 204,219 DSP.
(more) YNC(SS) Retired (ATTACKER) lost 204,219 RSP and gained 1,066,678 DSP.
(more) 230,433,900 ore and 125,771,100 crystal are now floating at this location.

Stardrift Empires Discussion / Don't Trust Smoke Jumper
« on: July 28, 2012, 04:23:54 AM »
I am putting this information out so Smoke Jumper does not do the same thing to you. What Smoke jumper did would fall in that grey area. Beastmaster located a 1Mil + DSP target that had just came out of "P" mode. The target was to far for him to attack by himself so he contacted me. He also contacted Smoke Jumper because Smoke Jumper is close to the target and we invited him last time on a failed attempt. Smoke Jumper told us he did not have the hydro to complete the attack so I asked Beastmaster if he would mind if I attacked it on my own. He said go ahead. Well I moved hydro over to the Galaxy and checked the target before launching and noticed a debris field. Well I assumed some one else beat me to it. I was attacking one of the targets other planets when I noticed he was online. I asked him for a copy of the battle report because I wanted to know who beat me to it, I had my suspicions but I wanted to have proof first. He provided me with a copy of it and low and behold who was the attacker. Yes you guessed it, the one and only Smoke Jumper. The lesson learned here is do not share any target information with Smoke Jumper.

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