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Stardrift Empires Discussion / Re: where are these guys coming from????
« on: September 29, 2013, 09:45:04 AM »
Chill peeps. Its just a game!
We have players in the game, whose family are seriously ill. My mother included. So face it, things could be alot worse.
We play games as distractions from RL. Some of you seem to use this game as a replacement for RL.
YNC, is playing the game, his way, which is within the rules. Maybe some of you think its not within the spirit, and maybe, you have a point. However, it comes to a simple point, of either put up or shut up.

Rank is great. We all want to strive to be as high as we can be, however, it is no longer as inportant anymore. It hasnt been since the change in NPC last year.  Easy for me to say i know, as my rank can only realistically go down, and would i be pissed, if a group of players passed me on probe rides? Yes possibly. But it is what it is.

It is no differant inflating rank from dsp, as it is having 2m probes as a fleet.

As i said at the beginning, life could be far worse.. just enjpy the game for what it is.. A GAME!!!!

Stardrift Empires Discussion / Re: NPC's and a polite request to Matt. :o)
« on: September 25, 2013, 09:43:53 AM »
There is always one hey...

No, what I'm asking for, are all npc to be the same proportion. Look at those you hit, and see what the defenses are compared to those above.

I'd have preferred that the npc were never messed with either. I was doing nicely. However, the playing field needs to be level for all ranks, and not for the game to be run, as it appears, to the benefit of just one player.

Stardrift Empires Discussion / NPC's and a polite request to Matt. :o)
« on: September 25, 2013, 08:23:39 AM »
Firstly, i never get involved in the b*tching that takes place on here at times. Its a game. Chill.
Secondly, this is a general comment and a polite request, so please dont b*tch on this thread either!  :P
However, polite comments are welcomed.

For those of you that dont know who i am, im the #3 player, and i was top 10 BEFORE the npc found steriods! lol! In the days when we had to really work for ranking.

This is typical of a big NPC in G1.
Defences of 9m units.
Ships 800k.
A ratio of 11 defs per ship. And a measly dsp total. A ratio of 1.5 def per 1 dsp.
(All figures approx)

Encounter Abandoned Colossus Platform has:
* ore: 38,859,194 
* crystal: 45,735,818 
* hydrogen: 33,095,019 
Total plunder: 58,845,015 (2354 herc / 11770 atlas)
DSP: 6,189,467 (174426 Dios)

* Artemis Class Fighter: 250,439
* Atlas Class Cargo: 198,854
* Apollo Class Fighter: 116,617
* Zagreus Class Recycler: 82,790
* Hercules Class Cargo: 70,012
* Dionysus Class Recycler: 32,219
* Poseidon Class Cruiser: 32,453
* Carmanor Class Cargo: 25,673
* Athena Class Battleship: 15,202
* Ares Class Bomber: 9,796
* Hades Class Battleship: 8,603
* Prometheus Class Destroyer: 4,586
* Zeus Class: 252

* Missile Battery: 5,772,856
* Laser Cannon: 2,077,430
* Pulse Cannon: 413,889
* Particle Cannon: 806,077
* Decoy: 1
* Gauss Cannon: 87,710
* Large Decoy: 1
* Plasma Cannon: 45,467

If I use YNC’s example of a typical npc in G25 as per his recruiting post..

Encounter Large Floating Colony [25:374:2e] has:
* ore: 60,241,735 
* crystal: 131,151,538 
* hydrogen: 102,547,827 
Total plunder: 146,970,550 (5879 herc / 29395 atlas)
DSP: 99,170,012 (2802347 Dios)

* Artemis Class Fighter: 4,255,770
* Atlas Class Cargo: 3,843,397
* Apollo Class Fighter: 1,966,085
* Zagreus Class Recycler: 1,524,134
* Hercules Class Cargo: 1,231,010
* Dionysus Class Recycler: 849,554
* Poseidon Class Cruiser: 530,818
* Carmanor Class Cargo: 425,596
* Athena Class Battleship: 298,786
* Ares Class Bomber: 167,092
* Hades Class Battleship: 164,081
* Prometheus Class Destroyer: 146,767
* Zeus Class: 1,046

* Missile Battery: 12,659,997
* Laser Cannon: 9,753,105
* Pulse Cannon: 2,308,363
* Particle Cannon: 2,002,886
* Decoy: 1
* Gauss Cannon: 466,961
* Large Decoy: 1
* Plasma Cannon: 115,441

Ship count 15m
Def count 25m
A ratio of less than 2defs per ship.

Then look at the dsp ratio..
0.25 defs per 1 dsp.

This is 6 times more favourable to the #1 player.

Please note, I have no animosity towards YNC, and was also offered the opportunity to move to G25 as part of TCBO1.

Matt, whilst I accept all communication from yourself and BFG, that all NPC are spawning randomly, within the parameters that they were designed, I respectfully ask, would you please go to your employers and ask them to tweak the defences downwards. Not because they are faulty, but because BFG would like to help its customers, continue to enjoy the game for longer.

I offer no threats of strikes etc, I just ask politely, if this could be considered, and hopefully implemented.

Yes. Great solution.

Is this the start of BFG listening to its customers?? Hope so!  :)

I can see the disadvantages for the newbies.. obviously.

However there are advantages too. I have been asked in the past, by a "n" player in system, for help defending themselves.. i cant do that.

It could get them more into the game, and get hooked quicker. Imagine, the "n" player working with someone ranked higher, the buzz they would get.. the experience.. They mite stay longer!

Agree the newbie protection level needs raising.. but depending how you earn your RSP, to how powerful you are. 100 hades at techs of 1/1/1 is always gonna beat 10 hades of techs 10/10/10.

SO just because someones rsp is the same level as you, doesnt mean that the fleet is the same size.. meaning also someone with (as an example) several moons, gated, oracled, could be taken out by a player with a much lower rsp, who has built just fleet.

but these are just my ramblings!

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