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Seekers identified!
« on: January 29, 2013, 05:57:42 PM »

Commander, Intel has discovered life signals which appear to belong to Seekers, previously believed to be extinct. Our long range scanners indicate the presence of large battalions of active warships. We are unable to determine their intentions at this time.

According to theological texts and records of old, Seekers have parallels to the religious icons that we refer to in our own texts; angels, if you will. I have assembled a biodata sheet based on the collection of records and inscriptions that detail the mysterious race known as the Seekers.

Physical Description

  • Core essence is depicted as a metaphysical entity comprised of energy.
  • Energy pulls together various parts to take a flowing, human-like form to interact and communicate with humans.
  • Typically assembles into a massive stature approximately ten times the size of a human.
  • Seekers are often portrayed as angelic beings with wings and intricately engraved armor, possibly explaining their association to religious figures.


The history of the Seekers themselves is a complete mystery. All that can be detailed is an account of the role that the Seekers played in the lives of humans long ago. The Seekers once served as a ruling class over humans and other races for thousands of years. They possessed an intelligence and technology that was incomparably advanced to that of the humans, which is most likely why they were perceived and worshiped as god-like entities. It is unknown whether the Seekers were truly merciful and kind or malicious and abusive towards their servants, but their depictions hint at a sense of awe and adoration from their followers.

It is thought that the Seekers served as the protectors of the humans by providing them with evolutionary catalysts and divine inspiration. At some point in time, the Seekers completely vanish from the history books, due to an anonymous driving force or some cataclysmic event. Some believe that the Seekers were surmounted by an even more powerful race, but such theories are merely guesswork for their inexplicable extinction.

Characteristics & Tendencies

The Seekers were believed to be extinct. The abandoned ships of their primordial existence floating through the galaxies, haunting them with their ghost-like presence. Their vessels still carrying valuable resource payloads to an unknown destination.

However, recent Intel has documented life signals belonging to the Seekers and our long range scanners have detected new Warships arriving at the locations of their previously abandoned vessels. Seekers are believed to possess superior knowledge and technology. Their intentions are unknown and contact is not advised. Proceed with extreme caution.

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