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Battle Report Rules
« on: November 26, 2012, 03:17:19 PM »
When creating a battle report thread please follow the following formatting.

Please include this at the very top of the post above any discussion that may be included:

Attacker1(Alliance), Attacker2(Alliance) vs. Defender1(Alliance), Defender2(Alliance)... etc.

When posting a Battle Report, you must include:
  • The ingame names of all attackers and defenders.
  • Combat techs must either be given for both attackers and defenders or none at all (Only possible with converted battle reports).
  • The complete individual fleets of all attackers and defenders both before and after the battle [Final State] must be shown.
  • The resources captured and the debris field generated even if all are zero.  For both battles with more than 1 wave, the follow up waves can be shortened to just the resources captured and the debris field created.
When posting an IBM assault, you must include:The ingame names of all attackers and defenders.
  • An espionage report before any IBMs had been fired and one after all IBMs have struck.
  • If you are the defender, you may post the IBM reports.
  • The total number of IBMs fired, who fired them, and their total cost.
  • The total damage done to the defender.
Some guidelines for battle report threads:
  • NO coordinates are to be posted under any circumstance.
  • Comments in threads are to remain constructive and on topic.
  • Comments in threads should not contain unrelated battle reports.
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