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The Resource Aquisition Group is currently accepting applications
              ************* BUT WAIT *************
              we are not a fit for everyone only the select

RAG was formed to be an Elite Alliance we do have some min standards
listed below... We are only looking for active (Live Target)  Hunters
We feel this is a Game of galactic conquest and the only way to conquer
is to KILL.

               ...Our Resume...
 Most of our players have been around since SFCO and have
been ranked in the Top 25 in the Uni's played in
 In this UNI we are currently Ranked 10 overall with an Average of
3 Our RSP overall 14 average is 3 Our DSP is overall 7 average
is 2
 We currently have 2 active Titan Hunters 2 ready to deploy
and 1 about to be built.

 Current Zeus Kills 13+
 Current Thanatos Kills 43+
 Current Titan kills 1 and more coming...SOON...very, very soon ;)

If you are an Active hunter you will be right at home here
We are currently seeking those Hunters who want to hunt in packs of
2 to 3 Titans

1... Skype is Mandatory. Period!!

2... DSP As an Elite Alliance we are Hunters and a min DSP ranking of 100 will be required (will be adapted as game grows)

3... Fleet- min Fleet rank must be 100 (will be adapted as game grows)

4... RSP min rank 100 will be monitored and an expected increase of 2% per week is expected

5... Any violation of BFG rules that warrant a suspension may be immediate Boot

6... Do Not Live in P-Mode

Those are the rules if you feel we may be a fit for you please contact us with your Application: [1:48:7] or through the leader board by clicking on our tag: RAG
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